All you need To Know About Planning A Mexico Location Wedding


Mexico destination weddings have always been popular, but they seem to be all the rage nowadays. And we understand why. The united states boasts beautiful coastlines, lush jungles, colorful cities, ancient architecture, and luxurious 5-star resorts. Not to mention the delicious food, vibrant culture, and delicious drinks. But there’s a lot to know when planning one. From choosing the right season to tie the knot to making certain you’re legally married, we’re putting
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Mexico destination weddings have always been popular, but they appear to be all the rage these days. And we understand why. The country boasts beautiful coastlines, lush jungles, colorful cities, ancient architecture, and luxurious 5-star resorts. Not forgetting the delicious food, vibrant culture, and delicious drinks. But there’s a lot to know when planning one.
From choosing the right time of year to get married to ensuring that you’re legally married, we’re putting together everything required to know about planning your own personal getaway “I do’s. ”
Top Cities For A Mexico Destination Wedding
Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas is located on the end of Baja California, and is by far one of the most popular Mexico destinations for a marriage. That’s because it has a vast array of white sand beaches, impressive coastal landscapes, stunning desert scenery, and high-end resorts.
Puerto Vallarta
Situated on the west coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination for adventure lovers. If you along with your significant other are big nature fans and love such things as zip lining, bungee jumping, and exploring rushing waterfalls, this may be the place for you.
Cancun sits in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and hosts a large and easy-to-navigate international airport–making it one of the most accessible destinations to fly in to. The city has the same bright white sandy beaches you’d anticipate finding, but it’s also known due to the Mayan ruins and night life scene–aka, it’s the best place to shop if you’re looking for a party.
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There are a good chance you know some form of person who has tied the very knot in Tulum. That certainly is because it has quickly become essentially the most common Mexico wedding spots over these past few years. It isn’t really hard to see why. It has incredibly blue waters, elegant boutique hotels, incredibly yummy restaurants, and ancient Mayan ruins. Only downside? Is about a two-hour drive with the Cancun airport.
San Miguel de Allende
For an amazing city experience, consider San Miguel de Allende, positioned in the Colonial Highlands place. The vibrant city is usually complete with a rich wine landscape, colorful buildings, endless industry and artisans, and likely some of the best food you will ever have you will ever have.
Best Time Of Year To get a Mexico Destination Wedding
Considering Mexico is a tropical vacation destination, it’s crucial to time wedding event correctly to avoid hurricane summer. This rainy season often takes place from June for you to October. This means the chance on your ceremony getting rained out there is pretty high. However , warm destinations usually only get rainfall for 1-2 hrs at a time.
To get the best weather achievable, consider January through beginning May. Because the weather is very beautiful this time of year, this is considered peak season, which can bring about higher prices. You want to be conscious of this when putting together your personal destination wedding budget.
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What Does A new Mexico Destination Wedding Price?
Much like every other wedding, the expense of your wedding will vary depending on your own venue, vendors, etc . Normally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5, 000 to $20, 500. While many assume that a place wedding is more expensive, South america destination weddings actually am frequently cheaper than the average marriage ceremony in the US–which is about $30, 000.
Why is this the fact? Many resorts in South america are all-inclusive. This means a person pay a flat price for your venue, catering, bar, wedding day cake, music, etc .
Just what exactly Costs Should You Cover For You and your guests?
One of the benefits of having a vacation destination wedding is that it naturally decreases your guest list. That is because–typically–the couple tying your knot is not in charge of gift wrapping any costs for the friends. This means they are responsible for getting their own hotel, airfare, and so forth However , we suggest making a reservation for a hotel block so they really get a discounted rate consequently they are near all the fun, albeit this isn’t mandatory. Do exactly what fits best for your budget, but do not be surprised if a number of us can’t make it for money reasons.
When Should You Send Out Conserve The Dates & Encourages?
When planning a destination wedding party, it’s important to send out your own save the dates quickly. Ideally, this would fall concerning eight to twelve months ahead of your big day. Invitations need to then follow about half a year before your wedding. This gives your friends and relatives plenty of time to book their very own flights and lodging.
When exactly should you Begin Booking Your Providers?
As with any wedding, the even further out you book your own personal vendors, the better. If you’ve obtained your eye on a certain vendor for a while, reach out RIGHT NOW to ensure that you get to work with these people. And don’t be afraid to get a vendor from home. Only be mindful that you will have to pay for their whole travel expenses.
Should You Appoint A Wedding Planner?
Speaking of companies, we can’t recommend getting a wedding planner enough. They’re extremely familiar with the spot, its vendors, and guidelines to help you save money in the long run. Unsure where to start? Check out our listing of wedding planners in South america.
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Legal Requirements For any Mexico Destination Wedding
There are a lot to consider legally for your destination wedding in South america. Many couples choose to get married at a courthouse a week or so well before they jet off. This kind of ensures that the wedding is legitimate in their home country. However , want your legally binding partnership to take place in Mexico, there are some things that you have to do.
To ensure that you may legally marry, you need the below:
Marriage application forms
A tourist/visitor’s permit
Blood test outcomes (which can be done in South america no longer than 14 days just before your marriage application)
In force passports
Birth certificates
Is also important to remember that your marital relationship will only be legally products if you have a civil feast day. During this civil ceremony, you need to at least four witnesses, you need to arrive at the resort at the very least three business days prior to the ceremony, and you can’t claim “I do” on a On the. Sound like a lot? We know–that’s why most people forgo leaping through these hoops!
Our own advice is to research the destination’s legal requirements early on inside wedding planning process if you plan to make a legally binding wedding on Mexico. This will ensure that you have the ability to of the documentation you need, that will prevent unwanted hiccups. Also this is something a planner is ideal for.

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Solutions to Incorporate Mexican Culture Within your Wedding
There are some selection decor pieces in the Philippine culture that you may already be acquainted with. Think papel picado ads, colorful textiles, star necklace lights, and bold florals.
Mayan Ceremony
We’ve presented quite a few Mexican destination wedding ceremonies on Junebug, and one problem we never tire with seeing is couples excessive a Mayan ceremony to their special day. These symbolic events are full of mysticism and spiritual techniques and are officiated by a indigenous priest, known as a shaman. In a placebo, the newlyweds are brought to the four elements: The earth, water, fire, and air–all of which are thought to bring power and harmony to the partners.
This kind of ceremony occurs in the outdoors, usually at an archaeological internet site or a cenote. That’s exactly why they’re extremely popular in locations like Tulum or Margen del Carmen.
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Mojigangas Parades
If you’ve chosen San Miguel de Más allá for your wedding, don’t forget to use to the streets in a Mojiganas parade. These parades occur with giant paper mache puppets and music. It may be the perfect way to celebrate one of the most crucial days of your life.
Naturally , this list wouldn’t get complete without mentioning tequila. There are several ways to use the traditional Philippine spirit. You and your spouse can take the unity tequila shot in your ceremony, have all of your guest visitors take one with you when you seal your love using a kiss, serve margaritas in the course of cocktail hour, or you can give a tequila tasting during your office reception. The options are endless.
Mariachi Band
Every wedding requires good music. And nothing much more festive than hiring a mariachi band. They’re a fun conjunction with your ceremony or toxic combination hour when you want to get everybody ready for a fiesta.
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Street Food
Philippine food is arguably one of the most famous cuisines in the world–and for one good reason. Rather than serve your sit-down dinner consisting of poultry or steak, consider serving size Mexican street food that include tacos, elote, chips plus guacamole, enchiladas, etc . And you just can’t forget about churros in addition to Mexican wedding cookies!
We can say that nailing a budget down on your Mexico destination wedding appears like a daunting task. That’s so why we’ve broken it off for you and created a complimentary budget spreadsheet so that you can remember your expenses and have the wedding day of your dreams.
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